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BlissChart™ - Performance Reporting

Imagine you just finished collecting a thousand forms from customers rating your products & services, what's next? Well, your boss wants to know what's in the forms... in a report! It can take some time, right?...
I stumbled upon a similar task recently, but I decided to get my neurones to work a lot more to give me faster results. I called the solution BlissChart™. It's a web-based app (PHP, MySQL) that reads a database (it could be a single table) and loops through each peace of data, saving distinct values in an array, then iterates each time a value is repeated. Percentage values are computed against total rows in a column. With a simple HTML tweak, a visual graph is added and a complete report is generated. Once you have this app, all you need to do is feed the database, and BlissChart™ will take care of the rest... Now I'm working on export and customization features to add more cool stuff to my app. Check out the picture below.
Performance rating made easy. © Blisstone Blog, 2010


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