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The power of the Social Graph algorithm.

Already on google+? Add me to your list... bobuntu. My Twitter account is @bobuntu

For the delivery of the new RwandAir fleet, I get the opportunity to work on an interesting event marketing project. I can tell you right now the results are instant and easily traceable.
I'm using Facebook plugins to run the analytics and spread the good news of the soon-to-be-born RwandAir babies... the feedback is highly positive. How do you explain this fast, result-driven technology?

Who is Social Media ? (STUDY) - part 1

Hello All,
After such a long time without blogging, I figured I should kick it off with a trendy topic. What's better than social media?...
The web is switching state in a very fast and dramatic way! Considering that the new features and trends are mostly  attributed to the generation that grew up as the Internet was still being figured out (late 80's), taking concrete example from the youngest billionaire in the game - Mark Zuckerberg, one question comes to mind: Who holds the future of the Internet?...