July 31, 2011

Who is Social Media ? (STUDY) - part 1

Hello All,
After such a long time without blogging, I figured I should kick it off with a trendy topic. What's better than social media?...
The web is switching state in a very fast and dramatic way! Considering that the new features and trends are mostly  attributed to the generation that grew up as the Internet was still being figured out (late 80's), taking concrete example from the youngest billionaire in the game - Mark Zuckerberg, one question comes to mind: Who holds the future of the Internet?...

What was once the affair of the US Army has fallen into the hands of a teenager locked in his room with lots of gadget toys and unlimited connectivity... and no book on the shelf! The amount of info and knowledge that the teen geeks have is immensely impressive compared to their education level and social realm. Internet has enabled them to create and consume knowledge their own way, creating a virtual society of their own and entirely under their control. This fast-paced change is NOT happening on TV!... 30% of the world population uses Internet... and television accounts for half of that (16%). And most interestingly, 85% of people watching TV do so while using Internet on their devices (smartphone, laptop, etc). Let's not even brag about the age range for the above figures, TV is simply dead; nobody shares or communicates on TV more than they do on Internet - this fact was unimaginable 10 years ago!... Do not mark my words though... Google, Sony, LogiTech, and now LG could be working on a  breakthrough merger of TV and the Internet. [REPORT]
It seems Internet is a common lifestyle now. You can do business, educate yourself and, most recently, socialize!... I'm following Snoop Dogg on twitter for instance, yet we're millions social layers apart! I can read a great novel and connect with the author right away. I know how to play guitar thanks to Jonny Buckland of Coldplay. I've got the best photographers for friends on 500px.com... and the list goes on!
The old approach to using Internet was going for a training or learning it at school as a tool for business, but nowadays getting used to it really depends on how you consume the media available, the interesting stuff. Gaming power users need a console and the best joystick to socialize. Bloggers need a keyboard to socialize. Tweeple (the Twitter community) need a smartphone or a laptop both with a camera to socialize. Facebookers need almost the same tools to stay in touch with what's important to them. We're not "using the Internet", we're sharing, liking, tweeting, blogging, reading!
And if you consume one or more of these, you were born with Internet and only you can figure out how tomorrow will be!

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