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Digging a Hole in the Wall

Watching Prof. Mitra presenting his research at TED Talks made me think: How in the world did the professor decide to name his research "Hole in the Wall"? And so here I try to confuse myself with different kinds of explanation, and probably confuse my readers all together.

The Turing Test [DISCUSSION]

This post is a personal opinion to another post published by @TheAtlantic via @Mashable here. I loved it.
Alan Turing is an iconic figure as there is a #ceablizillion of them in the world. I guess his position on the icons list is reflective of the currently in development biopic bearing his famous test name "The Imitation Game", aka the Turing Test. Rumor has it that DiCaprio will be starring in it; this being yet another role as a "homosexual" figure after Eastwood's biopic about Hoover.

EaaF - Education as a Freemium [UPDATE]

Internet is shaking the dirt off shoulders...…#in
— Robert Nsinga (@bobuntu) June 20, 2012 Who would have thought it would come to this?... MIT, Stanford, Harvard, et tutti quanti availing their billion dollar knowledge to the masses... for FREE! What's even more intriguing is the undeniable truth that attending a good college is being rethought in a holistic way. I just want to touch on a few disturbing facts: